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Match Your Gardening Services to Your Manchester Garden

Choose from a select range of gardening services in Manchester, ideal for all sizes of garden - and for everything from installing new features to general tidying and garden care:

  • Garden maintenance: this service is a catch-all for all general sorts of garden care. We can trim your grass, de-weed your flower beds, and much more.
  • Garden design: we can add the improvements you desire to any outside space. Count on the advice and skills of a team of professional garden designers.
  • Garden fencing: installing new fencing in your garden or repairing fences already in place, this service is ideal for partitioning any outside area.
  • Planting: plant new trees, flowers, and other plants with confidence, knowing that all factors have been considered to help them grow strong.
  • General garden clean up: a lighter option than our full garden maintenance service, get a garden tidy for finishing touches and ongoing care.
  • Landscape gardeners: hire the area's local expert landscape gardening team to get the skills and equipment for any garden improvement work you desire.
  • Tree surgery: proper tree care can only be carried out by highly qualified tree surgeons. That's why we'll only ever send real professionals to your door.
  • Turf laying: put down a new layer of grass with confidence, with this option. We'll level the land and plant new topsoil first to ensure maximum uptake.
  • Garden decking: fit new garden decking of almost any type. Or get the decking you already have in place cared for by the experts.
  • Tree stump removal: we've removed all sizes of tree stumps and dead trees from a wide variety of properties across the local area.
  • Tree pruning: get any tree on your property to grow more healthily, or in the shape you prefer, with this handy option - delivered by specialists.

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